Regional Accreditation Modeling and Accrediting the Accreditors

The Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) is opening an insightful program, Inter-Governmental Workshop on "Regional Accreditation Modeling and Accrediting the Accreditors" at the Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila, Philippines come 15 August - 26 2005. Said program, second after the birth of APACC, aims to fortify the credibility of the APACC accreditation scheme and foster the competence of accreditors working for TEVT institutions in Asia and the Pacific.

The number of participants shall be limited to 40 in order to provide sufficient opportunities for the participants to be involved in the discussions and allow effective evaluation of their performance. The seven criteria can not be covered within the duration, therefore each participant may select his/her first two areas of interest: (1) Governance and Management; (2) Teaching and Learning; (3) Faculty and Staff; (4) Research and Development; (5) Extension, Consultancy and Linkages; (6) Resources; and (7) Support to Students.

The successful completion of this program is the final requirement to become an APACC accreditor. Their performance shall be evaluated using a fair and justifiable procedure and marking scheme by continuous monitoring, written examination and actual accreditation exercises. A certificate of completion and a certificate of recognition as an official APACC Accreditor will be awarded to successful participants.

To be eligible for the program, a candidate must have outstanding technological reputation and leadership, experience in the field and professionalism and training to function well in this capacity.