APACC President Dr. Man-Gon Park and Executive Director of Mongolia National Council for Education Accreditation (MNCEA) Dr. Alzakhgui Vandan,signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last 23 December 2005 during Dr. Park's visit to Mongolia to meet with Mongolia's Prime Minister and other officials.

APACC and MNCEA agreed to promote the objectives and goals of APACC as a mechanism to encourage TVET systems for HRD to undergo a self-study evaluation under APACC procedures and standards; to identify opportunities for prescriptive directions towards encouraging TVET systems for HRD in Mongolia to undertake accreditation and certification by APACC; to identify TVET systems for HRD under the purview of MNCEA to apply for accreditation and certification by APACC; and to tap qualified local accreditors who may be trained on APACC accreditation procedures as would-be accreditors for schedule accreditation activities in Mongolia.

The signing was witnessed by Prof. Myong-Hee Kim, Faculty Consultant of CPSC and Ms. Chuluuntsetseg Dagvadorj, Senior Officer of MNCEA and APACC Accreditor.