APACC since its establishment in 2004 has been vigorous in its information dissemination campaign. One of its objectives is to widen its reach in the CPSC and APACC member countries.  Bhutan is one of the active partners of APACC after that signing of MOA between APACC and Department of Occupational Standards (DOS) last March 30, 2006. Bhutan has recently added APACC in the Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR), website  http://www.molhr.gov.bt/weblinks.php.

The MoLHR facilitates human resources development for economic development and to ensure gainful employment for all Bhutanese workforce which is organized into several departments: Department of Employment (DoE), Department of Human Resources (DHR), Department of Labour (DoL), Department of Occupational Standards(DOS).

This momentous gesture signifies the continuous partnership of Bhutan and APACC to promote the objectives and goals of APACC in order to harmonize TVET systems and standards in the Asia and the Pacific region.