The Ministry of Education of Fiji signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with APACC on 19 February 2007. Signing on behalf of the Ministry and APACC were Mr. Filipe Jitoko, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Education and Dr. Man-Gon Park, APACC President, respectively. The two institutions agreed to cooperate on matters of mutual interest.

The Government of Fiji's positive response to the Agreement is expected to inspire APACC to pursue its primary objective of advancing the core principles of accreditation and certification of TVET systems for HRD in Asia and the Pacific Region.

The TVET Section, Ministry of Education has objectives which are to ensure the provision and accessibility of vocational training for the production of skilled, competent and trained manpower at all levels for economic well being of individuals and for the nation.

The MOA signing was witnessed by Mr.Josefa Natau, Director for TVET, Ministry of Education, Fiji and Prof. Chuluuntsetseg Dagvadorj, CPSC Faculty Member.