The Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) conducted its second on-site visit to the Food Technology College, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia held on March 19, 2011. Prof. Dr. Renato M. Sorolla, erstwhile Specialist of the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) led the follow-up visit as Team Leader while Dr. Sukhbaatar Javzan, Director of TVET Project, Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Mongolia and Mr. Ganbold Ulziimend, Senior Officer of the Department of Higher and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS), acted as accreditors. Mrs. Chuluuntsetseg Dagvadorj, APACC National Coordinator for Accreditation (NCA) for Mongolia acted as facilitator for the on-site visit.

The visit aimed to validate if the College had complied with the recommendations placed during the first visit held in June 2009. The assessment was made to evaluate the College's competency to carry out specific tasks for improving academic quality to meet the seven APACC accreditation criteria - Governance and Management; Teaching and Learning; Faculty and Staff; Research and Development; Extension, Consultancy, and Linkages; Resources, and Support to Students.

The visit commenced with a tour of the College's facilities especially on the improved areas as previously recommended. The College administration showed the newly acquired facilities of its laboratory as well as the improvement made on the facilities. Further validation of the revised Self-Study Report was done through interviews, observations, and document inspection and evaluation. During the Closing Ceremony, the Accreditors' Team Leader provided a summary of the Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations to the institution.

The Food Technology College is a Public Technical College established in 1965, with a mission of educating highly qualified professionals in the food and service sector and aspires to be an institution that complies with international standard requirement. It offers courses ranging from certificate courses to masters courses. The College is currently headed by the Director, Mr. Baasanjav Baramsai.