In its efforts towards continuing improvement of TVET systems and ensuring quality-driven TVET institutions, the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) did an on-site visit to Carmelo C. Delos Cientos, Sr. National Trade School (CCNTS), Padada, Davao del Sur, Philippines from June 24 to 25, 2013. CCNTS is the third Technical Vocational Institution (TVI) to be visited by APACC in Davao region after the on-site visits made to KorPhil Davao, Davao City and Lupon School of Fisheries, Davao Oriental.

The 2-day on-site visit activity was performed by a team of APACC Accreditors led by Dr. Romulita Alto, with Dr. Raul Muyong and Mr. Harmen Muda as team members. It was meant to validate and assess if CCNTS is capable to carry out specific tasks for assessing and enhancing academic and educational quality determined for TVET. The CCNTS Faculty and Staff were led by the head of the institution Engr. Alfredo V. Panuelo, VSA (Vocational School Administrator) III.

CCNTS is a public vocational training institute established by virtue of Philippine Republic Act No. 8074. It is envisioned to be a leading institution of TVET in the Province of Davao del Sur committed to enhance sustainable development by prodding highly trained middle level human power endowed with entrepreneurial inclination and desirable values with the integration of partners cognizant to the mandates of authority. The institution’s mission is to serve with utmost love and dedication to produce academically skilled middle-level human power imbued with value-laden work attitudes and maximum potentials for greater employability for sustainable development.

The visit validated the Self Study Report of CCNTS through interviews, observations and document inspection, and evaluated CCNTS performance against the 7 APACC criteria for measuring quality: (1) Governance and Management, (2) Teaching and Learning, (3) Faculty and Staff, (4) Research and Development, (5) Extension, Consultancy and Linkages, (6) Resources, and (7) Support to Students.

Dr. Romulita Alto, APACC team leader (second fr. left)  interviews staff in the laboratory

APACC Accreditors (left) and CCNTS Team (right) during the document inspection 
and interview portion of the on-site visit

(Fr. L-R) Mr. Harmen Muda, APACC team member, 
Engr. Alfredo V. Panuelo, CCNTS VSA III, and Dr. Raul Muyong, APACC team member