Aquaculture students of DSF harvest milkfish during APACC team’s onsite visit.

Charting through its quality journey, the Dipolog School of Fisheries (DSF) underwent reaccreditation from April 3-4, 2017. The APACC team for the second visit to DSF was composed of Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, APACC Team Leader and CPSC Faculty Consultant, together with APACC Team Member Engr. Marjorie Mendenilla, APACC Accreditor and Mrs. Arlene Cruz, APACC Support Staff. Joining the APACC team was the APACC President Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane.

The APACC President graced the opening and welcome ceremonies arranged by the DSF team for the APACC team. Dr. Lamichhane in his Special Message for the team conveyed his delight in witnessing upon his arrival a very environment-friendly city with its very warm people too. He advised that DSF should always remember that "quality is a journey, not a destination". He also said that "APACC is just a facilitator of your quality journey and rest assured that APACC is always your partner in all your quality endeavors".

Prof. Dr. GK on the other hand, provided the orientation on the activities of the 2-day visit. Along with Engr. Mendanilla, both congratulated the team for reaching that far for the second audit. They underscored that APACC is a great motivator and a third eye to assist in checking against international standards.

The team through Mrs. Rosella Darcera, DSF's Administrator expressed their elation with the presence of the APACC President for the first day of the reaccreditation process. She said that they are so honored that the President took time to visit the school, which is the first APACC-accredited institution he visited in the Philippines. She conveyed that "APACC continues to inspire us to move to greater heights and perspectives. This journey puts all of us to a test of endurance and perseverance…In spite of the difficulties we met along the way, it did not stop us to continue our dream. Today puts us once again to another test of distinction and we leave our fate to the hands of our honorable APACC accreditation team and God will take care of the rest."

DSF Faculty, Staff and Students were present throughout the duration of the quality exercise. Also present were Engr. Alan Bacatan, CESE, OIC, TESDA Provincial Director, Engr. Ray Tarcio from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Alumni President Mr. Rodolfo C. Quiniquito and Mr. Michael Cases, industry partner for their bottled sardines product. All of whom provided active support to the undertaking.

The DSF team showcased their determined pursuits for continual improvements towards better services for their stakeholders through days of interviews, reviews and resources inspection by the APACC team based on the APACC criteria.

DSF, the only fishery school in Dipolog City in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines was established in 1961 under Republic Act no 2635. It envisions to be a world-class fishery and allied sciences training institution and the provider of highly competitive skills. Results of the reaccreditation is deliberated by the APACC Board and announced accordingly.

(Photo above, L-R) Mr. Tamayo, DSF Faculty and Mrs. Darcera , DSF Administrator show off the aquaculture breeding area to Engr. Mendenilla, APACC Accreditor, Dr. Lamichhane, APACC President and Prof. Dr. GK APACC Team Leader. Photo below shows DSF students and faculty demonstrate spawning fish.

(L-R) Mrs. Darcera expounds on the packaging of the bottled sardines for sale, Prof. Dr. GK and Dr. Lamichhane check the items while Engr. Mendenilla looks on.

Prof. Dr. GK (left) and Engr. Mendenilla right (seated) inspect the documents with interviewees.